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Hey there, I'm Deva your personal guide at Devcon Bogota! Below you can find all the information you are looking for related to having an amazing Devcon Experience.

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Why Devcon in Bogota?

Our search for a fitting location for Devcon VI began prior to Devcon V in 2019. After exploring venues in over ten cities across the world, and meticulously evaluating each against an extensive set of criteria, the clear winner was Bogotá, Colombia.

In Bogotá we found the seeds for an ambitious community that our ecosystem could help grow. From builders, to educational entities, local business and industry leaders and more, we’re excited to meet and to work with those making real-world use of Ethereum’s technology locally, and to further those efforts.

In addition to the potential to grow a community, the venue is located just minutes from hotels, and from both Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport, and close to some of the nicest areas in Bogotá such as Chapinero Alto, La Candelaria, Parkway & Zona G among others. The fully modern conference center is built to handle everything Devcon requires, from catering, to wifi, meeting-space and more.

Thanks to its location in the northern part of South America, Bogotá is also one of the most accessible cities in South America. With its major international airport offering direct flights from many regions around the world, Bogotá is a gateway to the rest of beautiful Latin America.

This process has been long and somewhat delicate given the complicated past few years that we’ve all had, but we are excited to finally host Devcon VI in Bogotá.

Is Bogotá Safe?

Colombia is safer today than at any point in the last 50 years, and we expect Devcon in Bogotá to be an impactful experience for all. That said, while Bogotá is a very modern city, it is located in a developing country, and we recommend exercising some basic precautions. Do that, and your biggest problem will likely be wanting to stay longer.

Historic and popular areas, all of which are generally in the center and north of the center, are the safest regions. We’ll also help to guide attendees toward the right spots at the right time of day, for example: trendy areas that are ripe with nightlife are better after dark, while the historic center is best to frequent during daylight hours.

The local expression in Bogotá is: “No des papaya,” or “Don’t give a papaya.” It essentially means, don’t make yourself an obvious target: use common sense while in Bogotá. That means:

  • Look where you’re going
  • Don’t wear flashy items like expensive watches or gold-plated hardware wallets
  • Don’t walk around with your phone out or with your laptop when not necessary
  • Leave valuables (passport, excess cash/cards) in your hotel
  • Avoid hailing street taxis. Use Uber or DiDi, where a 20-min ride costs around $3 USD. Tip: maybe pay the extra dollar for a nicer “Uber Comfort” (recommended when coming from the Airport)
  • Try not to walk home alone at night (Reminder: Ubers are easy & cheap)

You can choose your adventure, and with a little bit of common sense and extra precaution, you can expect to have a fun and safe experience in Bogotá.

Hacker Basement

Looking for a place where you can code and learn? This time, we got you covered!

The hacker basement will be your high-focus zone away from the busy conference ado.

It sets the right conditions for an individual to test new stuff on their laptop, to learn, or to hack on new ideas in a group.

Everything a hacker needs will be taken care of: cozy seating, electricity, internet and, of course, cyberpunk lighting and low-fi beats to get you in the right mood to build!

A dedicated space with big screen, chairs, and gamer vibes for zk-gaming, hangout, and more. Expect a Dark Forest game night, MUD events, LAN parties, and more! Want to use the space? Post your idea on the forum in the Devcon After Dark channel and we'll reach out! Check out the full schedule here:


Carbon Offsetting for Devcon VI 🌳

The community initiative, "Climate Friendly Devcon VI Dapp" enables you to compensate for your carbon dioxide emissions created by attending Devcon.

Upon entering a departure airport the dapp calculates your flight emissions and adds it to the estimated event emission per person. All transactions occur entirely on-chain. You may immediately mint a special POAP for participating in the Devcon community offset.

After Devcon VI, the POAP also allows you to vote on which nature conservation project to retire carbon credits from. Could it be the Indigneous Reservation of the Matavén Forest in Colombia...? You can offset your flight and get the POAP here!

This work has resulted from over 2 years of community discussion and implementation of DIP-17 which was based on DIP-1 and DIP-12.

Internet (WiFi) & SIM Cards

Internet and SIM Cards 💻

We will provide free SIM cards for all attendees, first-come-first-serve! They will be valid for 15 days or 20 GB, whichever comes first.

You will receive the sim cards at registration.

TIP: Make sure to have some mobile data available for when arriving at the airport, to get an Uber to your accommodation. Bogotá airport wifi is free for 30 minutes.

Wi-Fi Info 📶

We will have upgraded Wi-Fi at Devcon this year! However as always, providing perfect Wi-Fi for thousands of people is tricky. Please be respectful and follow the Wi-Fi guidelines provided in the Code of Conduct.

Wi-Fi name: DevconBogota Wi-Fi password: runafullnode

Community Hubs

Community Hubs are the dedicated space at the Devcon venue from the community for the community. By enabling a handful of communities to create and display content of their choice we pave the way for a more decentralized Devcon.

Meet this year’s Community Hubs!

Design Community Hub • Women Leaders in Web3 • Temporary Anonymous Zone • Crypto Economics & Governance • Zero Knowledge Community • ReGen Hub • ETHLatAm Community Area

Design Community Hub

The Design Community Hub is a collaborative space for designers, creatives, founders, developers, and curious minds to stop by and learn more about the design process through interactive, engaging activities.

The Design Community Hub is a collaborative effort from various designers in our Web3 community. It proposes a gathering space for all things design at Devcon. Designers, creatives, founders, developers, and curious minds can stop by and learn more about the design process through interactive, engaging activities. Inspired by the design room at Devcon Prague, the Design Community Hub would be the space where:

  1. Designers can hang out and meet each other
  2. Hosts design orientated interactive activities, experiences and intimate breakouts like Onboarding and User Research Programming
  3. Becomes the meeting point for developers and founders to engage with designers or see various design processes showcased through activities
  4. Provides a break from “conference” chatter and transforms into a chill space for the curious to play

Women Leaders in Web3

Center for all communities striving toward diversity, equity, and inclusion for women in Ethereum.

Our hub will showcase 50+ women leaders from across the Ethereum ecosystem. All our speakers are women. Our hub is organized by topic tracks: October 11 is community, October 12 is developer, October 13 is product and design, and October 14 is DAO and governance. We'll have a diverse schedule in several categories: panels, fireside chats, workshops, networking and office hours, crypto trivia, speed recruiting, speed friending, and professional headshots.

Temporary Anonymous Zone

A space dedicated to privacy and anonymity with information, discussions and experiences related to choosing what you reveal, where and when - both on and offline.

The Temporary Anonymous Zone will be an interactive educational hub where attendees can learn and explore concepts of privacy and anonymity. Join daily discussions on topics chosen by attendees, find information and conversation starters about privacy and anonymity basics, make a mask at our craft station, and get an invite to anonymously join a Devcon VI Semaphore group to access private and anonymous social experiences created just for the TAZ.

Crypto Economics & Governance

Governance Researchers, DAO members, Token Engineers, Cryptoeconomics Researchers, Stewards, Tokenomics people… this is your place to meet like-minded, exciting people.\

Cryptoeconomics and Governance have grown in relevance over the last two years, and rightly so. Join this hub to meet the Cryptoeconomics & Governance crowd. There will be AMAs with Cryptoeconomics pros, researchers, token designers, sessions in English and Spanish, quizzes & votings & memes. :) Bring your laptops and headphones!

Zero Knowledge Community

Gathering point for various sub-communities in the applied ZK ecosystem.

Come stop by the ZK Community Hub to meet different organizations involved in the ZK space! This includes communities focused around development and maintenance of proving system libraries, ZK circuit developers, ZK tooling, developers of ZK-enabled apps for either privacy or scalability, ZK rollup and zkEVM-focused teams, and more. Sessions will be led by members from Veridise, Personae Labs, zPrize, Scroll, zKonduit, Succinct Labs, Axiom, Starkware, Polygon Miden, Polygon Hermez, Iden3, Aztec, Unirep, with a variety of informal programming, meet-and-greets, and office hours, at all layers of the ZK technology stack.

ReGen Hub

Bringing together regenerative thinkers and doers in DAOs, ReFi, DeSci, Platform Coops, Purpose Orgs, Climate Activism, and Art to co-create & share projects, knowledge, food, kindness and hope.

The ReGen hub is a space to grow with others who have the same interest to flourish the ReGen ecosystem, find new species, learn natural dynamics and balance your collective soul with daily positive impact addressing relevant problems through the use of regenerative finance.

Registration & Check-in info


We'll begin registration on Oct. 11-14 at 8am.\

Head to the front of the Ágora Bogotá Convention Center, where you'll see 4 doors with designated lines.\

Once you reach the desk, you'll get your conference wristband.

Venue Guide

Agora Bogotá Convention Center

Convention center in Bogotá, Colombia

Devcon Operation Times

Tuesday Oct 11-14: 9 AM — 11PM

Address: Ac. 24 #38-47, Bogotá, Colombia

Phone: +57-13810000

Emergency Contact:

Getting There


Always request the service to any of the following telephone numbers:

  • Free Taxis: +57 (1) 311 111
  • Taxi Express: +57 (1) 411 1111

Inside the vehicle you will find an identification of both the car and the driver and a form that indicates the rates according to the units of the taximeter, with their respective equivalence in pesos ($). Taxis only accept cash.

There are also the following mobile apps:

  • Easy Tappsi
  • Cabify

Transfers to and from the airport, trips outside the urban perimeter, services provided during the night and holidays have a surcharge.


It is the mass public transport system of the city. Transmilenio has 12 lines along the following routes: Caracas, Autopista Norte, Suba, Calle 80, NQS Central, NQS Sur, Américas, Eje Ambiental, Calle 26, Carrera Ten and Carrera Séptima (SITP).

The nearest stations to Ágora Bogota are: CAD, which is located on Av. NQS, in front of Catastro, and Recinto Ferial, which is located on Av. 26, three blocks from the fairgrounds.


SITP is an integrated system involving Transmilenio with routes all over the city. For details of routes and service schedules please see:

This system integrates the buses of the city with Transmilenio and has routes throughout the city. For more information about routes and schedules, consult:

App Feedback

If you have any (technical) issues, feedback or questions about the App, please connect with us on Github.

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