Introduction to Circom2.0


Workshop 2 , Floor 3


Introduction to Circom2.0

Workshop 1h

ZKPs: Privacy, Identity, Infrastructure, & More

Day 1Tue, Oct 1115:30 - 16:3060 Mins

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The workshop aims to explain the basics of Circom2.0, the new features respect Circom1.0, the tool stack and explain a simple project about the following topics: - Zk-Rollup + Mixer: Put a mixer in the withdraw of Hermez1.0. - Polygon ID: Explain some of the Circom circuits of polygonID and how can be used. - NFT project: A project that aims to airdrop an NFT to some address that accomplish certain conditions without reveal the address.



Visit the Devcon Archive to watch the recording.

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